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History of the Simorgh Sanat Co. (SISACO)

Since 2004, Simorgh Sanat (Phoenix Industry) company has introduced as a knowledge-based company in the field of Heat exchanger cleaning and de-scaling in oil, gas, refinery, petrochemical and plant industries of Iran. In the following, this company has entered in the field overhauling of gas compressor stations and gas and liquid gas plants, overhauling of Heat Exchangers and Condenser's, Piping, Towers, Tank, Pigging for cleaning and Pigging of pipeline and technical inspection of fixed equipment's existing in oil & gas industries by Using innovative technologies and the use of specialized personnel. Until end of 2015, Sisaco Has been successful to perform overhauling more than 20 gas compressor stations and NGL, cleaning and technical inspection Operations more than 3000 Km of the tubes and pipes of Heat Exchangers, air coolers, condenser's, … , too.


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